Friday, December 29, 2006

Day of Arafat...

Today is the 9th of Zulhijjah 1427 where all Hajj pilgrims will stand as one at poor..powerful&less..strong&weak..young & old..handsome & not so handsome..will all be in Arafat the men wearing just the 2 piece of white reflects the day of resurrection when all will rise and face Allah swt on the day of judgement..Today on earth is when Allah swt will come down to the lowest level of heaven to hear us seeking forgiveness from Allah swt..

'Arafat literally means knowledge and science. 'Arafat represents the beginning of man's creation, that of our forefather Adam. It was shaytan who misled our forefather by whispering to him saying: "O Adam! Shall I show you the tree of immortality and power that wastes not away?" (Quran 20:120) He caused the downfall of Adam and Haw'a (Eve). For years, they were separated from each other having descended at different places. It was in 'Arafat that they met again. It was in a small rocky hill of Jabal al-Rahma in the center of 'Arafat that their sins were forgiven by Allah. So, here in 'Arafat, you act like Adam or Haw'a and seek forgiveness for you and your loved

I remember just 2 Hajj ago in Jan 2005 that I was blessed to have performed Hajj with Azlan.. the emotion was too much to contain. Although I may have make mistakes for the rituals I prayed wholeheartedly that my Hajj will be accepted by Allah swt. as the reward is paradise by Allah swt..nothing less...Year in and year out..this reminded me as to the path that I have chosen...may I be strong and do the best and more of my ability...for now and the hereafter..

Today Adzrul & Azlan do the sunnah fasting..may they get the promised rewards..I couldn't do so because of women issues...but I hope that I will have the blessings of doing more in the time I have left...Ya Allah swt forgive all my sins..reward me with syurga firdausi..accept all my good deeds..May my children and their children so on will be guided in their true faith..keep my faith strong and show me your guidance and patience..amin..laillahaillalah muhammadarasullullah...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Zayd is 13 years old today...23rd. Dec 2006

Hannah Is Now 11 years old....21st. December 2006

Forever Luv Sweetheart....May Allah swt Bless you Always..The time flies by so fast without us realising that 11 years ago you were brought to us.. a joy to 8lbs. at about 5:45am Thursday by natural but induced labor. Remembered moment of the time..a Mariah Carey concert was on TV..papa was cornered at the bed-side, Dr. Siti Zaleha was attending with 2~3 nurses at SJMC.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Spicy Sweet Shrimp ~ Sambal Tumis Udang

1/2kg Large shrimp..shelled
1 large Onions..sliced
1tsp shrimp paste
2 tbsp dark brown sugar or gula melaka
2 tbsp tamarind pulp / asam jawa
10~20 pcs dried long chillies
3 pips garlic
5 shallots or 1 med onion
salt, oil

  • Blend the dried chillies with garlic and onions.
  • Heat up about 2tbsp oil till steamy
  • Put in the blended chilli mixture ~about 5~6 tbsp.
  • Fried till it is can see the paste separating
  • Add in shrimp paste...wait a little while
  • Mix the tamarind pulp with some water about 1/2 glass and pour the liquid into the frying mixture
  • Let it thickens..
  • Add in the brown sugar
  • Add the shrimp..let the liquid thickens..
  • Add in the sliced onions..
  • Add in salt.
  • Taste as per your liking..add sugar,salt,tamarind more if desired to taste..
  • After the liquid has sufficiently thickens and shrimp has cooked..remove from pan.
  • Serve with steam rice or "Nasi Lemak".

**The key to this recipe is getting the balance between sweet, sour, spicy and taste it and let the liquid thickens to stick to the can also cooked it with the shrimp shells not removed..the taste will be better but eating it will be tougher..

Splenda Splendid Banana Cake

400gm Banana ~ mashed
320gm Self Raising Flour
1 tsp Baking soda
200gm butter
100gm Splenda or 220gm sugar
4 eggs
6 tablespoon milk
2 tsp vanilla

  • Cream the butter and sugar
  • Add in eggs one at a time
  • Add in vanilla and milk
  • Put in the mashed ripe banana
  • Finally, fold in the flour.
  • Put into lined cake tins.
  • Bake at 375 F till done ~45mins.

This cake was made for a friend who has diabetic...the butter can be further replaced with oil. Originally..the butter was 250gm +5 eggs..the flour was adjusted with all other ingredients to get same moistness and sweetness as original ingredients.

Cinnamon Florals etc....

I love the smell of spices and varying I match these combinations for my floral crafts...I used a lot of cinnamon and silk flowers and this day I still have some stocks. Mainly the pieces were made as is basis..depending on what type of flowers and colors I have.. I did not get any formal training or attended any classes as I was working fulltime..but I do browse flower & gift shops a lot and buy books to guide me and the internet... so from these, I managed to come up with what I two pieces are the same...

I guess my training as an engineer helps to trigger the creativity side of making these crafts and understanding the set-up of starting them..but I do had a lot of burns from the hot glue gun and piercing from wires etc... my bio I can & engineering manager.. trainer...crafts maker... mom&wife..and the most precious is the last one....


I learned to do these florals crafts right at the time when my maid ran away..probably it was a stress buster...sometime in 2000..I love every pieces that sometimes I find it hard to part with it when somebody wants it... it soon became a very productive hobby as I sold them at malls and flea market and by word of mouth...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Wonderful Life...

It is very nice cool days even in the afternoon...raining in Dhahran i.e. Saudi Arabia will be something that is look upon as an important event here..because it hardly ever happen... we had 2 long rainfall days last week or so..couldn't remember the first rain day probably Sunday as Hannah had to miss the soccer practise because of wet field...but the 2nd was Fri Dec. 1st...

Why I remember this was because we had that morning picnic by the soccer field that day.. it was very very nice before the rain and we manage to have a few rounds of walk around the field.. us 5 ladies Gee,zahrah,Eli,Rozi & me Rozie..our talk centered around kids, the weather, handbags branded & knock-offs, Villeroy & Royal Doulton...and the music of yesteryears... mainly late 70's and 80's..uh..uh..zaman-zaman Grease & Saturday Nite Fever they were talking and me chipping in here and there..I was sort of taken back to those time...hmm..I was very much into songs then and still remembers the tunes and some Ayman was really surprised when I know the tune to Saturday Nite Fever, songs by Westlife~Season In the Sun.. etc..etc...

During this era years..late 70's to 80' life has taken a whole lot of changes..I still remember thinking that my Form 3 year was the best time of my schooling years, I was into sports, doing well in LCE and school clubs..tambah-tambah glamour juga kat sekolah masa tu..he..he.. than I move to Sek Teknik Tuanku Jaafar -Ampangan and received quite a shock during my first few days there probably the orientation 1978 I make a decision to start wearing the scarf as I feel that was the road I am going to it tough then as people have certain perceptions of those who are transforming..but for me it was a time that clears up a lot of uncertainties for me..and I never look back...from than on I started to built my life to the way that I wish Allah swt would want me to..Oh..yes..there's just too many hiccups along the way..but then they is a "dugaan Allah swt pada kita " so life will not have it's meaning if everything is predictable...yes..we do fell into deep bottomless pits but from here we learn how to climb back and become a better survivor in many aspects..You shall not be tried by Allah swt on something that you will not be able to find ways to survive by his grace also...Hopefully..come the time when we shall meet our creator we shall have many more positive points than negative points that we shall be able to cross the sirat and make it to our ultimate sanctuary... simply saying it...but basically..enjoy life with all it's tribulations and become a better person after each and every trials... so looking back one step so that we can move forward with a leap...

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Got to share this jokes, courtesy of a friend in San Jose, California..who push me to be confident in what I do...who actually has the confidence in what I was doing....thanks so much...

" are you doing ?.. Fine Are you still on your diet?? Sure if you don't know it!!! I am still on my See-Food's a good one..everybody should try it to be On a SEA-FOOD Diet?? Nope..."SEE FOOD and EAT Diet..." Ha..ha..

Mike : Have you had any HALAL Seafood lately ???
Rozie: Ehh...HALAL seafood??? Sure..I have slaughtered a few fish-head, shrimps and squids today!!
Mike..Ha..ha..Halal See-Food Diet again eh...

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lights of My Life...

This is them in July 2006...

Hearts & Flowers..

Hannah & Zayd infront of the flower bed last Nov'05. This year I am a wee bit late in planting the flowers. Only the green plants are there which survive the harsh summer of 2006. This is Zayd & Hannah just before going to school. See the forced smile on their faces??
Hannah is the one with flying colors in whatever she do.... she is into soccer at the moment and trying to be the highest achiever in the tests and quizzes in school. Just yesterday..we found out that one of her upper molar is out of line probably because it grows a little late when the other two has been in the squeeze for space is pushing that one molar out...
Zayd is the baby who has to endure many things till this day...he has to be on pace-maker since 1 year old after being diagnosed with complete heart-block after birth. He is on his 2nd pacer at the moment till maybe 4 years more before the next change. Due to the emergency operation to put in a new pacer in 2002 as his old pacer seems to lost it powers..the first pacer is still in his body. This Mar or April..the surgeon has suggested to take out the old one since it has been in him for close to 12 years now...
Otherwise he is a cool boy although his tempers or tantrums is like the waves of a tsunami once it comes... sometimes because of certain limitations comprehension in reading is not one of his strong points.. he has to do many repetitions to then come to some sort of an understanding... but nowdays he is trying more as he sees his grades will depend on how much effort and time he is putting in. Allthough studying comes easy for Hannah for Zayd most times will be a struggling..allthough attitude comes in a lot of the time due to his hormones probbaly..lately..he is coming up with fantastic questions with no one right answer in supply....
Anyway....looking back..the experience with him on how he learns to be as he is today and what more we need to do for him and he for himself was the one thing that I would like to put in writing...thats why blogging seems like a good options...I have read many books on LD, ADD, ADHD, Autism and Hyperactivity to get some pointers on how to get the best method to teach him and so that he will survive his school academic requirements.
There is nothing more excruciating to watch for somebody who reads and spells beautifully but did not comprehend most of it...There was this one time..when we were reading and we keep repeating the story... but he still could not figure it out...So I tried to tell him to picture it in his mind...he said he sees nothing there..So I told him..why not switch on the light in your head and probably you can see something like on the TV set when we watch it. Innocently enough he replied saying ok....and as we read..he says..yea..I can see the boy climbing the tree !!! I just keep on reading..although there's already a catch in my voice..We still have so many more hurdles to go over but it is a start...

Where Am I Going....

I still haven't got the right direction for this blog yet...initially the intend was to share some tips and whatever there is.... but at the same time it is also part of a communication tool...But while doing and considering all this..I realise I am learning something new of the new world may be good and it may be bad depending on what it can bring forward...

Anyway...I am forcing myself to relearn my English... get up and do more thinking...will be reading a lot more than before...and be happy with myself.

Well as for today....the painter is touching up my hallway and stairs, I am thinking or organizing my Tajweed notes as Bro. salim has announced that he will leave by end of may 2007 if not eralier, Zayd has 3 test&quizzes to get thru, Hannah is breezing all the way on whatever she is doing, Ayman is still sleeping upstairs amidst the smell of paint... His laptop is beside him sleeping too by now.."I guess if his laptop can speak,,the poor thing will be screaming "Help..give me some rest!! Take me away from this guy..Adzrul probably busy with his schedule and I haven't got enough time to "talk"much with him....Pray always that everyone will be safe and blessings in whatever they do...

Got to attend to my home duties now..the kitchen & laundry is calling....

p/s.. had a nice time yesterday..should do the picnic thingy more often during this cool months but got to watch out the waistline also and the "pinch-test" sorry!!!..somebody wake up this morning with a bad sore all over..blaming the coach for making them stretch b4 tha game but all in all..the age factor is creeping faster...

Friday, November 24, 2006

The Week That Was...

Hm...looks like I am now consolidating most of my entries per week...Actually last week has been quite,quite busy...Even the coming week is gonna be same or terms of juggling my time..

Well..let's see what had happened the last week inclusive of today...

Fri-Nov 24th...In a short while, gonna pick-up Harun from Dammam airport..Ahlan Wahsalan.. This morning we had a picnic by the soccer field..the men&boys were playing soccer while some ladies catchup with news..Food again....

Thurs-Nov 23rd...Today is the birthday of my late mom. Too's already about 17months since she left us..My Allah pardons all her sins and showers her with his blessing... But this Sunday.." Ayah ku kahwin lagi.."
Zayd went for a field trip to plant some mangroves in ras Tanura...we were at the bus stop at 6:20am and there's no sign of anything there..till about 7am suddenly he said..oops..the time was changed to 7am and supposed to wait by the school gate....anyway..theres many other people there and finally they left...He had a super terrific time..

Mon ~Nov. 20th..Congratulations to Khai and Shakiroh for their new comer baby Mustaqeem.

Sun ~Nov 19th.. Congratulations to Ustz. Lah & Aida for their new baby boy.. to figure out with all these births whether the suggestions of "Boy or Girl"do work.. I believe Allah swt give us the gray matter to think with and our efforts are dua's so..he ask us not to just keep on waiting but try something.... My boss use to tell me that my SPC charts are off targets as I have 3 boys than only the last girl... he suggested that I look at all elements and pull back the factors so that the SPC charts can be inline.. amazingly enough most of my lady staffs before where I work..have more boys than girls...

Looking at all those cutsie babies do tend to make one soften...but thinking about the age factor, the gap since the last baby that I had and the carrying around of the extra "luggage"whenever you go anywhere do tend to kill the need...but to you still young go for the family numbers you want while your age is desirable..if not the longing and the what ifs'will always be there nagging at your heart... as for me I have to surrender and maybe wait for the time when my babies will have their babies...

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Baby BOY or GIRL...

In the quest of getting your wish, do not forgo the excitement,the spontaneity, the wonderfulness of the moment and knowing that no matter how you have tried and the planning and the knowledge that is almost perfect...the final decree will be from Allah swt.... setelah berusaha maka tiba masanya berserah...Wama karu wama karullah..kita merancang namun perancangan Allah swt ada lah yang terbaik..

Background:Man’s sperm consists of X & Y spermatozoa, Xspermatozoon decides the female whereas Y isthe male. Referring to these physiologicalproperties of the spermatozoa, gynecologists setup the theory of ‘Choice of a girl or a boy’.

1st factor: Food
If you want a baby girl:Husband must eat more alkaline food, wife eatsmore acidic food.If you want a baby boy:Husband eats more acidic food, wife eats morealkaline food.Alkaline food: vegetables, fruits, egg white, milk,algae, etc.Acidic food: meat, seafood, etc.

2nd factor: Timing (When to do it?)
If you want a baby girl:Frequent copulation during pre-ovulation period.If you want a baby boy:Copulating just before ovulation or just afterovulation.How to confirm ovulation period:Body temperature increases (you may want to useSPC chart to monitor your body temperature here).

3rd factor: Penetration (How to do it?)
If you want a baby girl:Husband to avoid deep penetration in the femalevagina during copulation.If you want a baby boy:Deep penetration by the husband is suggested.Reasoning:Characteristics of X & Y spermatozoa- X: Marathon runner with good stamina- Y: Sprinter but poor staminaSo, with deep penetration, the chances for Y toreach destination will be higher.

4th factor: Stimulation
If you want a baby girl:Wife should avoid stimulation during copulation.Secretion from female vagina becomes alkalinewhen stimulated, therefore this promotes theactivity of Y spermatozoon.If you want a baby boy:Husband ejaculates after wife has been stimulated.

5th factor: Wife’s Preparation
If you want a baby girl:Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2spoonfuls of white vinegar in 1 liter of water. Sincean acidic condition decreases activity of Yspermatozoon.If you want a baby boy:Rinse the vagina with solution dissolving 2spoonfuls of soda in 1 liter of water.

6th factor: Positioning
If you want a baby girl:Female to be on the top position & male to be onthe bottom position.If you want a baby boy:Male to be on the top position & female to be onthe bottom position. This posture allows the Yspermatozoon to reach the destination faster.

For those planning to have a baby & those who will need to plan in future, the chart below may help you to predict the sex of your future child.The accuracy of the chart has been proved by thousands of People and is believed to be 99 percent accurate.Believe it or not.

AGE 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31


JAN.~G–19, B–20,G–21,B–22, G–23, B–24, B–25, G–26, B–27, G–28, B–29, G–30, B–31, B-32
FEB.~ B–19, G–20, B–21,G–22, B–23, B–24, G–25, B–26, G–27, B–28, G–29, B–30, G–31,G-32
MAR.~G–19,B–20,G–21, G–22, B–23, G–24, B–25, B–26, B–27, G–28, B–29, G–30, G–31,B-32
APR. ~B–19,G–20, B–21,G–22, G–23, B–24, B–25, G–26, G–27, B–28, G–29, G–30, G–31,G-32
MAY ~B–19,G–20, B–21,G–22, B–23, B–24, G-25, G–26, G–27, G–28, G–29, B–30, G–31, G-32
JUNE ~B–19, B–20, B–21, G–22, G–23, G–24, B–25, B–26, B–27, G–28, G–29, B–30, G–31, G-32
JULY ~B–19, B–20, B–21, G–22, G–23,B–24, B–25,G–26,G–27, B–28, B–29, B–30, G–31, G-32
AUG. ~B–19, B–20, B–21, G–22, B–23, G–24, G–25, B–26, B–27, B–28, B–29, B–30, G–31,G-32
SEPT ~B–19, B–20, B–21, G–22, G–23, B–24, G–25, B–26, G–27, B–28, B–29, B–30, G–31, G-32
OCT~B–19, B–20, G–21, G–22, G–23, B–24, G–25, B–26, G–27, B–28, B–29, G–30, G–31, G-32
NOV ~B–19, G–20, B–21, G–22, G–23, B–24, G–25, B–26, G–27, G–28, G–29, G–30, B–31, G-32
DEC ~B–19, G–20, B–21, G–22, G–23, G–24, G–25, B–26, G–27, B–28, G–29, G–30, B–31, B-32

AGE 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45
JAN ~B–32, G–33, B–34, B–35, G–36, B–37, G–38, B–39, G–40, B–41, G–42, B–43, B–44, G-45
FEB ~G–32, B–33, G–34, B–35, B–36, G–37, B–38, G–39, B–40, G–41, B–42, G–43, B–44, B-45
MAR~B–32, B–33, B–34, G–35, B–36, B–37, G–38, B–39, G–40, B–41, G–42, B–43, G–44, B-45
APR ~G–32, B–33, G–34, B–35, G–36, B–37, B–38, B–39, B–40, G–41, B–42, G–43, B–44, G-45
32, G–33, G–34, G–35, B–36, G–37, B–38, B–39, G–40, B–41, G–42, B–43, B–44, G-45
JUNE~G–32, G–33,G–34, G–35, G–36, B–37, G–38, G–39, B–40, G–41, B–42, G–43, B–44, G-45
JULY~G-32, G–33, G–34, G–35, G–36, G–37, B–38, G–39, B–40, B–41, G–42, B–43, G–44, B-45
AUG ~G–32, B–33, G–34, B–35, G–36, B–37, G–38, B–39, G–40, B–41, B–42, G–43, B–44, G-45
SEPT~G–32, G–33, G–34, G–35, B–36, G–37, B–38, G–39, B–40, G–41, B–42, B–43, G–44, B-45
OCT ~G–32, G–33, G–34, G–35, B–36, B–37, G–38, B–39, G–40, B–41, G–42,B–43, B–44, G-45
NOV ~G–32, G–33, B–34, B–35, B–36, G–37, B–38, G–39, B–40, G–41, B–42, B–43, G–44, B-45
DEC ~B–32, B–33, B–34, B–35, B–36, B–37, G–38, G–39, G–40, B–41, G–42, B–43, G–44, B-45

You can choose for yourself whether you want a boy or a girl by following the chart. The woman’s age from 18 to 45 (Chinese reckoning) is on the top line while the months Jan to Dec indicate the month when the baby is conceived. By following the chart you will be able to tell in advance whether your baby will be a boy or a girl. Thus, you can plan to have a boy or a girl.This chart has been taken from a Royal tomb near Peking, China. The original copy is kept in the institute of Science of Peking. The accuracy of the chart has been proved by thousands of People and is believed to be 99 percent accurate. By reckoning, you follow a line drawn from the figure representing the woman’s age to a line drawn from the month the baby is conceived. For instance, if the woman is 27 years old and her baby is conceived in Month 1 (according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar), then her baby will be a girl. The chart is based on the month the baby is conceived and not on the birth of the baby, B-Male, G-Female.Remarks: A Chinese Scientist discovered and drew this chart which was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago.

Ini cuma usaha berpandukan "pengalaman"or teori mereka-mereka yang telah dan pernah mencuba dan dicatitkan resultsnya. Segala-galanya adalah terserah pada Allah swt. juga tapi jika ada panduan tu boleh lah mencuba....Resultsnya..semoga seronok mencuba dan redha "boy or girl" asal jadi anak2 yang soleh & solehah serta sihat wal'afiat.


Taken from the blog of dr.fatimah.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Nov. 7th. Fariz Azim arrived to Ritz and Aida ~ 3.64kg. Congratulations !! Also heard Rawyah had her baby also a boy 3 days earlier. Pending delivery anytime this 2 weeks will be Shakiroh and Ustazah Aida..both expecting their 5th child.

Nov. 15th. evening, Azlan went to pick-up our new car..Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. 4.7 Litre the color is Metallic Gray. This after contemplating very, very hard on how, what and when we should get a 2nd. car. Finally..after going up and down the list of pro's and cons' and which type of car..we settled for the above. Not too big..not too small..brand new so insyaállah less headache with maintenance...hopefully we can keep up the steam to get it cleaned often..Till today, still haven't figured out many of the gadgets that it sure is a good feeling... alhamdulillah...

Hannah had soccer match this evening...yay..her team won 5-1. She was the goalie..specifically she told us that the "1"passed thru' Eva when she was manning the goal while she managed to save all the attacks within her time. The season will be till end of Dec'06.

Nov. 16th...had lunch at Ana & Mat Shah's house..just managed to bring the Banana cake.. it was abit to adjust the moisture content next time around. As usual..ana had her table full...laksam, laksa Johor, mee rebus or udang of sorts, nasi dagang, nasi impit, soup daging..she is an established cook. Whatever her äir tangan"are, sure will have that tastiness... I wish I can have that ease of whipping whatever come to mind instead of pondering and planning before it finally materialized...

In the evening..another öpen house"at Azli & Kamisah home, again mee rebus, nasi dagang, nasi impit..the raya fare..mind you..kamisah makes her own noodles or mee....usually during all these get togethers there are bound to be incidences...not with 2 MJ's as we keep our distances since we cannot agree to look eye to eye it's better to keep apart.. but rather with someone else.. either i am being overly sensitive or the whole thing is just a spur of the moment thing meaning..I just had to butt in and correct the info being relayed..I was met with a raised eyebrow..the chagrin probably due to me saying that the info was actually found printed in the day's paper and slightly different in nature that what is being said...but ada betul juga kata orang melayu...cakap siang pandang2, cakap malam dengar2... most likely it means take a pause when we want to say something and make sure whatever it is will not have added MSG to make it taste better... but being human sometimes we want to be the know it all...or source of information or the one people will seek out...frankly...if so..make sure the info is up-to-date... accuracy is important as we do not know what mistake can lead us to inconveniences later on.... was a wonderful evening..this is the only time we have the chance to meet and catch up with each other... kesian hosts...sampai midnite baru guests start to leave...

Nov. 17th...Azlan and I drop by baby Fariz home to get a glimpse of the cutsie baby boy..cair hati rasanya..bertuah daddy dan ibu Fariz....diberi makan lagi..malu2 kucing je sebenarnya.. Firdaus buat roti canai from scratch so got to taste ada juga ketupat palas that his grandmother made.. hai..kena kuat kan resolve nak achieve more culinary skills...

Nov. after the chat with Gee..start masak for lunch... Ayam masak asam with some daun limau purut and kantan put in...again ikan merah masak kicap...and for tea..mee hoon goreng... well the energy last for quite some time..

On the way to pick-up Hannah and Zayd from English tuition..almost run-over some lady joggers... it was dark and I had looked right first and than left and almost step on my accelerator before I heard the scream... I wonder how was it that I did not see her the first time..her clothes were dark and the light outside was dark..I was absentminded rushing for time..nearly jumped out of my skin when I heard the scream..why she should cross over infront of the car I was not sure..I remember from long time ago I was taught and I also taught my kids...NEVER to cross in front of a vehicle and in between vehicle or even the back of the vehicle..sometimes the driver sees a blind spot and it's too bad..if he/she did not see us crossing.. It was scary but I hope the lady remembers the incidence and be more careful when she jogs in the evening and as for me...should I look right first and than left and right again before moving??? Alhamdulilah nothing untowards happen and may Allah will shower us his protection always...

So...tomorrow another day begins...As for tonite..can we clear our heart and forgive everyone before we close our eyes for sleep ??? Will someday relay the story behind this missive... got to go find it again..the story happens during Rasullah saw time when he pointed out a man entering the mosque to the sahabahs saying that the man is for sure promised a place in heaven...

To forgive and forget....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Fried Fish with Soya Sauce..yum..yumm

  • Clean the fish and rub with salt & tumeric and fry them till 3/4 crunchy..remove from pan

  • Next, slice about 1 cm ginger thinly, 2 pips garlic & 2 medium size onions. In 2 tablespoon of canola or corn oil.. fry each item in pan till fragrant.

  • Add in the sliced red chillies, slice tomatoes and onion..let them soften a little bit.

  • Put in 1 tablespoon of tomato or chilli ketchup, 1 tbsp water, 1 teaspoon oyster sauce.

  • Next, add in 2~3tablespoon dark soya sauce..Cap Kipas Udang Manis or ABC..a little bit of black pepper...

  • Stir themmm....

  • Put in the fish...if the sauce is thick add a little bit of water..not too much.

  • Serve in a nice dish..add sliced spring onions and celery leaves....

  • Serve hot with steam rice...

Simple 15 minutes dish.....

Yummy Crunchy Choc Chip Cookies

As per request for adzrul and friends who has tasted these cookies..sorry that it takes 5 weeks to reach you...since it is still Eid..enjoy them..

The ingredients:

  • 2 cups All-purpose flour
  • 2 cups quick cooking Oats
  • 1 bag 15oz Hersheys semisweet choc chips
  • 2 sticks butter + 1 tablespoon~230gm
  • 2 eggs large
  • 1 & 1/2 cup dark brown sugar firmly packed
  • 2 tsp vanilla
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp baking soda

Method :-

  • Soften the butter to room temperature. Eggs also at room temperature. If they are cold than the mix might not be so good..
  • Sift the flour,salt,baking powder and baking soda. Mix them with the oats.
  • Heat up the oven to 375 deg F.
  • Beat up the sugar, soften butter and vanilla till creamy with an electric mixer at medium speed.
  • Add in the eggs, one at a time. Scrape the side of the bowl.
  • Next, add in the flour & oat mixture a little at a time to get a good mix. You can use a wooden spoon or the electric mixture slowly.
  • Finally, add in the choc chips and mix them well..
  • Use a non-stick baking sheet...with a teaspoon or just your a ball of dough on the cookie sheet..flatten it sligtly.**Wet your fingers so that the dough do not stick too much. If balance between oats and flour is is easily and quickly done..If not a teaspoon will be ok..
  • Bake it for about 10~15mins...check that it browns nicely...take them out of the oven and wait a few minutes for the cookie to cool down before removing from the baking sheet. The cookie will still be soft coming out of the oven.
  • It takes about 2 hours to complete everything...but check your oven often too avoid cookie from being too brown or over bake..but it still taste good !!

The amount above is good for 8~10 people to finish at one go with coffee,tea or hot choc. You can double or triple or even halfed them to suit how much you want. This recipe is originally given by my friend Azah but has since then been modified to get it to what it is today...geographically it may need more adjustment but it gonna be ok after 2 or 3 tries... I have to do it for more tries as I have no idea how making a cookie would be like..I was shocked to see that it is still soft coming out of the oven but has brown well..I forgot that the sugar in the cookie is what makes it so...I panic also to see that the dough spread and become thin during might have thought an engineering degree will teach you everything.. I always thought it will be hard as it come out of the oven..Itu kuih batu katanya my friend...So..always remember to get the measurements right and the eggs and butter out of the fridge 4~5 hours earlier..Anyway, that's what happen when my baking adventure begins after 40++ since coming to Dhahran. I am still trying in most of the culinary aspects..maybe adzrul has become better at it by now...

Anyway..the kids and hubby too.. has been great in eating up everything that is served from the kitchen...basic principle is..Eat a little if you don't like it and be hungry later on or eat more if you like it and also more later on...

Remember me in your taste if it turns out good..but sorry if you need a few tries to get it as actually..the above is my 5th. version of the recipe..not sure if it was the latest that I had made..

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Technology is wonderful..!!!! Eventhough far from familiar places, events and people..being here in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia...the internet keeps close the distances that separates many longings... to share this..maybe many knows about it but I believe it's no harm to again keep reminding ourselves...

One of the ceramah by Ustaz Akil Hayy ( hope the name is spelt correctly..)

** Jika isteri membasuh baju suami nya maka...diriwayatkan Abdullah ibni Masód bahawa rasullah saw pernah bersabda :-
  • Allah ampunkan 2000 kesalahannya
  • Allah mencatat 1000 kebaikan bagi nya
  • Allah mengangkat 1000 darjah untuknya
  • Segala sesuatu yang disinari matahari memberi ampun bagi nya...

** Wanita yang menguli tepung dengan membaca Bismillah..akan diberkati Allah swt rezekinya..

**Doa seorang ibu itu makbul, jadi jangan doakan anak2 perkara yang tidak baik terutamanya tatkala marah..apa yang dilafaz, terdetik dihati dan fikiran..adalah menjadi doa

Have a good day...moga hari ini adalah lebih baik dari semalam....

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trying Out New Things.....

Let's see if I can get the photos right this time..... ahh....the treasures of my heart....

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Eid Mubarak....1427.

Last Monday 23rd of October was the first day of Syawal in Dhahran. As many of us had expected it to be Monday rather than Sunday, the preparations for Eid was less of a struggle.. meaning that I got to go out and buy the stuffs as planned and cooked them in a timely manner. We had an open house the afternoon of Eid... It was part our hosting the event and part pot-luck that made it more of a celebration...celebration of food that is..I had prepared nasi impit ( Adabi&Nona of course!!), kuah kacang my style...mee rebus rasaku..satay ayam&daging and BBQ...while friends brought over nasi dagang,laksam,nasi minyak,mee hoon goreng,mee udang,nasi pulut kuning,martabak, kuah lodeh and many-many more till two tables were overflowing..

Masyaállah..the food was way too much..and actually everyone was quite full since in the morning we had two rounds of breakfast visiting friends...But I believe it was more of a get together where almost everyone was there..and we got to the men were busy BBQúing. While the Nik's family help with the satay skewing( cucuk satay pada lidi !!)..I hope I got the right word..

In between the bustle..I manage to talk to Adzrul while he was enjoying his own Eid party in Kursk...this will be our fifth time having not been together for Eid...Well..though was meant to be...Adzrul made his own nasi impit from scratch..and since Kursk is cool so the nasi impit turns out good he says...I still remember those days years agao when I was in Carbondale preparing my own nasi impit and stuffs for Eid..adzrul was still a baby at that time flies.....


Monday, September 25, 2006

Moments In My Life...

Ramadan Kareem....

With Allah swt grace again I am able to celebrate Ramadan...but this year with one more less family member..Ayman has started school in Bahrain. Adzrul is now in Kursk doing his 5th. year.So..being home with zayd, hannah and of course azlan my other half.

With Hannah having soccer practise throughout Ramadan we have to adjust our time for Teraweh at the mosque, Zayd with his school work and his dilly-dallying tactics to start with his work, it becomes a battle.

This will be our 3rd. Ramadan in Dhahran. In the first Ramadan 2003..since we were the only Malaysian family here we decided to go for Isya'at the mosque on that 29th. Syaában nite. So.. we waited if teraweh will be perform than tomorrow the fasting started....about half an hour pass Isya' the imam says that we will perform this signify that tomorrow we shall start fasting. Amidst..Ramadan Kareem.. Ramadan Mubarak..we feel the solemnity of the beginning of Ramadan..with many intends in our hearts of making sure to increase our ibadah as we do not know if by next Ramadan we will be around...

Next morning about 10am..azlan called to say that Ramadan has not will be next day..we were surprised as the day before in the mosque the imam conducted teraweh but than again..the official announcement was not made it seems... so it was quite an eventful thing to remember for our Ramadan here... so when Ramadan will bring a smile with it for us...

Got to start thinking now what to prepare for iftaar....

Friday, September 08, 2006

Moments In My Life...

Moments In My Life...

Time passes by so fast when you least realise it...when you sit doing nothing or waiting it seems so long...This summer has been fun albeit some indulgences and some news you would want to forget...

One thing I realise is never to hesitate to show your feelings to it kindness, love, anger will have it's place and merits. Just to know which one is which..

My intention is to write about my life so that some memories will be captured and some mistakes learned from...

But still.. the beginning is blurry...

Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Start of Something New....

Just giving in to the impulses of what this whole thing is really about... but the need to know if somewhere out there..there is something to share and to be shared is really intriguing. Also to do something new and make my grey matter works they say the brain need to work to make it live..