Friday, May 22, 2009

Soccer Nite & Farewell

The players from KLL posing before start of game.
Another pre-game group photo
Our youngest member - Aqila Qistina

Call of Isya' prayers

Cutie Pie..Ehsan

Iman, Aida, Izzah, Ikhwan,Imran, Izzah

Only some of the foods...
Most families turn up at the field near Riyal Road..Aramco. We have Azmi's family from Ras Tanura..ustaz Lah & Shamsul family from Dammam.. The rest were the fun-loving family in doesn't matter some turn up late and we got wet right before leaving because the sprinkler was turn on at 10:00pm promptly....
We had cendol by Za and also Nor....syawarma from Azizi & Ita....fruits from Ifah & Mat Shah.. Nasi Beriani brought by Faridah...KFC brought by Su&Razali..cakes & sweets by Izan.. Ustazah.. Gee..Su..Elisa...Dali..and other ummis... Love the keropok belinjau with sambal kicap pedas by Ana..yummy..Most important of all..just come and have fun doesn't matter what was brought coz'your presence were important..There were plenty of food to go round and even pack for next day breakfast..or lunches..he..he..he.. That's actually what counts...

The kids had fun and so were the daddys...Azlan said Yahya&Izzat combination were brutal to yea ol ' uncles... Sweats and huffing and puffing..but great time we start early so that we can meet the 10:00pm cut-off and let the baiĆ½a go back on time..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Half Moon Bay ~Sunfish Beach

It was a sandstormy day last Thursday in Dhahran....I took quite a awhile to decide against bringing the BBQ stuffs...because sand would have settled on it if the winds still blow that bad. Finally decided on nasi lemak and watermelons and some drinks... Hannah had went earlier to by the time we reach the beach she has completed a few rounds...
Anyway...its interesting to look at the gears and how the set-up...There were quite a number of girls got stung by jellyfish...It will sting real bad an dto overcome the pain its either pouring vinegar or to pee on it.. Ha..ha...the girls chose to put vinegar instead..
The tanks were heavy...see how the girls had to bend down to carry it to the water and how Azlan took quite a force to lift them up... It was a fun day as they tried out some board sailing too.. But it was plus with the sand and all..The salt water can be felt against the lips and the grainy taste...