Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Count Your Blessings...

Sometimes we tend to overlook small minute things that happen in our life..and for all we know sometimes these things have more meanings to it than we a baby small staggering steps will lead to running and leaping as the steps are mastered... Being homemakers we will get caught up with the daily task of running the household if we used to be career ladies before..but bear in mind that these will be my thoughts and opinion may not be right but it is something that I know...

What are these small minute things that we may let them pass if we do not try to catch it??
  • The morning goodbyes and with hugs and kisses before the kids left for school. With bonuses of I love you Ma...& says..I have recite Fatehah & Qursi..
  • The breakfasts that you dont have to prepare hot and the kids will just look at the empty table and proceed to the refrigerator and take out the milk and eat it with cereal..
  • The high pitch scream of excitement as they get home for lunch and say..Yes!..Yes!...that they smell their favorite food..when it is just Eggs with Sweet&Sour Sauce..
  • Your other half going to work with just a shout of goodbye from you and not really walking him to the door bcos you are busy brushing your teeth..
  • Coming out of the bathroom and see that the bed is all made up b4 the love of your life leave for work..
  • He try to indulge you but at the same time do press your you think you can still fit in that dress??
  • After eating..everyone brings their plates and glasses to the sink..
  • They try their best to take care of their rooms...
  • They try to recite the Quran ahead of class...
  • Leave them at home and I call them asking if they have perform solat..and they will do it and tell on each other if they dont..he..he..
  • Zayd falling more than half asleep everytime I have to make him repeat his reading of Social Studies and Science esp for tests..when he was fully awake at the computer..coming home saying ma..I it C or B it's just an overnite work..sometimes he gets an F so he will try better next time..
  • Hannah is meticulous in her work..Busy baby...she wants to do 1001 things in a day and still will complete her homework b4 bedtime...
  • Ayman is now very independent in his schoolwork regardless of the grades although I told him that I would love more A's sometimes..sure miss him helping out with washing the dishes...although some broke at least give me a chance to buy something new..
  • Adzrul is now in his 5th. year and insyaállah will complete his final year in 2008.. he was and infact all my babies do not give much trouble at a younger age.. like waking up too much at nite..getting sick except for zayd due to his heart condition..May Allah swt bless your life for the things you bring to you anakanda..
  • May not have a whole lot of money like I want to but at more heavy debts.. scaring off the credit cards issuer by paying and closing the account and they wanting to offer more credits and loans just over the phone..bought a new home to be ready this year..
  • Send parents to hajj...we went to and us went for umrah a couple of times..
  • Kids are actually the blessings for our life...
  • 1001 other things actually...

And so..why should I get mad about when ..

  • Their rooms are in a mess..and they are always in their room..
  • The house is in a mess with books, jackets, cushions out of place, trumpets&thrombones..
  • Socks & shoes are everywhere in the hallway..
  • They are noisy...they fight sometimes..only sometimes..
  • They ignore me when I nag or push them to start doing something when I say it's time to do it and not when they feel they should do it..
  • They usually dont take a shower in the evening unless they have been out playing...
  • They play too much game on the computer..and not stopping unless I tell them too..
  • The older kids did not get in touch as often as you want them to be to know how they are.. Ayman's excuse..Everything is Okey...Adzrul has a blog so catch up there or chat via YM..
  • When my other half is snoring on the sofa after a tiring day at work..he said..brain drain is more tiring than physical drain..uhuh...

You see..sometimes the things we want to be mad at is really nothing as compared to those we should be thankful to..

Just coming out of feeling blue...

Feeling Low...Feeling Blue...

Hmm..what can I say of this uneasiness..bloating..leaking feeling? I guess you might know what I am talking's that time of the month!! I am having quite an unpredictable time of it lately...maybe it's the age factor now starting to factoring in...shucks..Anyway..the first time I realised that a change was coming was when after planning for so long to go for Ramadhan umrah..I had to get it cancelled the very morning we were supposed to leave. It just came with a big significant if's not meant to be again this time. Luckily..the love of my life take it in his stride..went to cancel the ticket and say bcos of woman problem..the airline will keep open the ticket without charge for a year..that's the beauty of it here if we come to think of it..Back to the issue at hand..I realise I cannot predict it coming anymore and so it come back to plotting the graph..yep..ladies..we have to do this sometimes..found out that now the cycle will be about 28days plus minus 1 or 2 days and the last 2x has been quite stable will be watching for the next few months bcos I am planning for the Ramadhan umrah again..Insyaállah it will happen this time with the grace of Allah swt.

Today not planning to go to the ladies halaqah as I am feeling sluggish..still haven't taken my shower yet but have made up the bed and the cushions in the living room..roam a few websites.. Sometimes I feel..if I start the day by not making the bed first b4 going downstairs it's gonna dampen my's still okey not to have the shower yet as you can brush your teeth first and clean your face and if somebody say there's a funny can blame it on the hazards of cooking...

Will tell you more about my plans later....

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rainy Tuesday 16/1/2007

Woke up this morning and saw that my back yard cemented area was wet..hmm...first thing that come to mind was..what a good gardener I have..early morning have done his job. Then , when I went out to send Zayd&Hannah to school find out it was raining..Masyaállah..rain in Saudi is gold...should cherish is cold this morning!!

Today..I have 2 lunch invitations..still wondering which to go and which to pass...anyway...a bread pudding is already baking in the oven..looks and smell good..but still not sure of the taste. Wonder if it is okey without any sauce to drip over it? Mainly because I have used up all the milk and too lazy to drive to the mini-market to get some....still there's some time..

Yesterday..I dragged myself to go to a new Quran class for just ladies...well..there's about 7 ladies. My friend Yildiz..I consider her a friend now for the favor of introducing me to these classes and for pushing me to come..and come..for ages. Actually we met bcos our kids are sometimes in the same class...Surprisingly..I like the class and I believe I will be a regular..considering current tajweed teacher is planning to leave in May and I am still way of base..this is a good change..we read the end of surah Ibrahim..would like to share some of what Ferial the teacher tells I know some mak-cik2 dan anakanda2 akan baca my blog nie...TQ very much..i will try to organize it better and share more like what I intended to do earlier.. but if there's something here that I wrote down offended forgive me as I have not meant to do that..mainly to relay an incident and share the outcome..

Surah Ibrahim Ayat-41..This is a good doa for dunia & akhirat.. the Masyar while waiting for the Mizan on our good and bad deeds to be weigh there are 7 people who will be shaded. At this place..all will be woken up dazed and naked..their eyes will only focus on the thing they will have to quick as possible to get the judgement fast so as to be in the sun will be hot and very near to your head..some say it "sejengkal"not sure the English word...and our sweat will come up to our ankles or our thighs and may even drown us..that's how hot it is going to get...Anyway..there will be 7 group of people who will get shaded for what they have done in this world...

  1. Imam or Leader...a person who is a just person or fair to his people.
  2. A man or woman who refuses another with high ranking like Zulaikha tempted Nabi Yusof and he resist.
  3. Attach to masjid..someone who has just finish his solat but yet waiting for the next one to come.
  4. A boy or a girl who are raised in an Islamic way fully eg. like Osama bin Zayd.
  5. Between 2 friends who develop a friendship for the sake of Allah swt. so they will never argue..fight for worldly things.
  6. A man who give sadaqah without being the right hand giving and the left hand don't even know about it.
  7. The one who shed tears or cries for Allah swt...when you think of Allah swt, in prayers, reading Quran will cry for Allah swt..

At Mizan....your good deeds for solat,fasting,zakah,hajj etc..will make the balance heavy against your bad deeds, but the other thing that can make the balance to be much heavier towards your good deeds will be your relationship with people...relating with others with a smiling face where people will find a liking from your face and talking with easy soft words...not "soft as to hard"but rather good tone and meaning words...."Husnul Khuluq Syaiun Haien Wajhuhun Tholiq Wa Kala Mun Laien".. I hope this translation is correct as I jot it down from hearing. Also..memorizing Surah Al-Baqarah will also helps you on this...

Therefore..most importantly how to take care of our relationship with people..not to raise our voice or hurt their feeling..make them feel offended..curse the drivers on the road..back biting.. arrogance will be another enemy for our quest to reach Jannah...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Week That Was....

Saturday 1/6/2007
  • First day of school after a month long leave. Everybody is excited to meet friends and see what is in school. I am glad there's more quite now.
  • During the holidays..Hannah was down with fever and cold for almost a week. Luckily this was during the first week of the holiday. We celebrated her recovery by going bowling..!!
  • In fact..the week b4 school starts, we were bowling for almost every other day..when we were in Ras Tanura on 1/1/2007..we were bowling also. The madness of trying to get a strike or a spare..Everybody learns how to score the game instead of just now Hannah&Zayd can do the scoring pretty well..Ayman refuse to leave his bed so..we leave him at home most of the time.
  • We got a call from Rosewood saying that the items we ordered has arrived..after nearly a year!! Anyway..I said, it can wait in the shop after I have figured out where to place them.. since we waited a year..a few more months will not be a big deal..
  • Ayman went back to Bahrain....

Sunday 1/7/2007.

  • Not sure if anything happen today beside the kids off to school...probably we were out to Thai House with Dr. Razali and Abdullah for dinner.

Monday 1/8/2007

  • Already the middle of the week..schedules has start to come in informing of tests, quizzes and homework.
  • Will work more with Zayd for LA & Social Studies...but I have to do the reading also.

Tuesday 1/9/2007

  • Cancel my plans to go to the garden shop...the weather is colder now as compared to last year and the plants are not doing very well...

Wednesday 1/10/2007

  • Yildiz @ Kubra's mom..took me to a halakah for ladies..listen to tapes of the Hereafter by Shaikh Anwar Awlaki...discussed some issues..I was mostly listening.
  • Plan to go to next one too next Wed but Monday there's a tafsir group at AinDar sister Fawzia house.

Thursday 1/11/2007

  • Dentist appt again at Rabwah with Dr. Sandra...
  • Tajweed lesson starts again at abt 2:45pm..everyone was there except for the Khaliq's.

Friday 1/12/2007

  • Went for a picnic at Al-Khobar Corniche...actually Khaloud's group went and I just tagged along...there's BBQ by zahrah&Gee which was very delicious..may do them again myself but all the lambs...yummy but fattening as it is...
  • Hannah's DVD player broke so..the screen has no support although it still was just about a week tears for it although SR499 was spend getting time she got to learn how to handle things especially delicate and expensive things around friends.. i was glad that I was pretty cool about it all..although disappointed that something so new and something she has been wanting to get for so long is now partially usable only..

So now it is Saturday again....we had Nasi Lemak for lunch...everything turns out good if I might say so...but I need to remember how to do the liquid measure to cook the rice just for the turns out sweet & spicy just the way I like it...Ha..ha..masuk elevator tekan butang sendiri..!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome 2007 and Marhaba..1428..

It's the first week into 2007...couldn't believe that time has fly by so fast...I guess..this is because there were so many things happening in between the hibernation time..This year I will be celebrating my 45th. birthday's still a long way to go...As for's just numbers that indicates you are so far here on this much more time there is depends on Allah swt.. a blink of an eye or many times longer we wouldn't be able to tell... So..till my time comes I hope I can do as much good for myself as well as to others...

For this year these are my plans...not really a resolution but rather a continuance of the wishes of what I would like to do...that was not done in previous years...
  • Learn something new...figuring some folk-art painting in the days coming..
  • Be more discipline in my time management for the things I am doing on a daily basis.
  • Prepare stuffs for the house in Subang Alam for what I want to do with it..provided we receive the keys this coming July '07.
  • Plans for higher education for at least and location and budget..
  • Adzrul insyaállah will be graduating in where he'll be stationed and again more stuffs planning here...his graduation ceremony will be done in KL while getting the scroll in Kursk...
  • Getting more healthy....more planning here and determination..
  • Trying to be more organized with the household..ha...ha..
  • Cooked more food variety...trying to get a juicer too sometime in the coming months ..just loved the Berry Banana Smoothies etc...
  • Review what I have done for my inner self salvation.
  • Getting Zayd to be more involved in reading as I believe this will sprung him into greater heights...
  • Go for a trip somewhere..maybe Egypt, Jordan/Lebanon, London&Paris, Spain, Turkey, Switzerland, Netherland or Dubai...maybe after 2008..
  • Complete the basics of my tajweed lessons....memorize some surahs and doa's..

Well...above are just some normal things I believe I can do...rather than wishing to jump out of a plane, climb a mountain, go bunjee to consider the age& safety factor now... although it can still be done but I know there are more important things out there...One most important thing will to plan get togethers for my immediate family when all of us are all over the place?? Right now..July ~August are when we can be a complete unit..soon this time frame will have to change...I hope to be in their life more..that is more involved..but the facts are..sooner or later..we are all going to be about bases and time frame etc..etc... so 2007 will be more of a family consideration...