Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Week That Was....

Saturday 1/6/2007
  • First day of school after a month long leave. Everybody is excited to meet friends and see what is in school. I am glad there's more quite now.
  • During the holidays..Hannah was down with fever and cold for almost a week. Luckily this was during the first week of the holiday. We celebrated her recovery by going bowling..!!
  • In fact..the week b4 school starts, we were bowling for almost every other day..when we were in Ras Tanura on 1/1/2007..we were bowling also. The madness of trying to get a strike or a spare..Everybody learns how to score the game instead of just now Hannah&Zayd can do the scoring pretty well..Ayman refuse to leave his bed so..we leave him at home most of the time.
  • We got a call from Rosewood saying that the items we ordered has arrived..after nearly a year!! Anyway..I said, it can wait in the shop after I have figured out where to place them.. since we waited a year..a few more months will not be a big deal..
  • Ayman went back to Bahrain....

Sunday 1/7/2007.

  • Not sure if anything happen today beside the kids off to school...probably we were out to Thai House with Dr. Razali and Abdullah for dinner.

Monday 1/8/2007

  • Already the middle of the week..schedules has start to come in informing of tests, quizzes and homework.
  • Will work more with Zayd for LA & Social Studies...but I have to do the reading also.

Tuesday 1/9/2007

  • Cancel my plans to go to the garden shop...the weather is colder now as compared to last year and the plants are not doing very well...

Wednesday 1/10/2007

  • Yildiz @ Kubra's mom..took me to a halakah for ladies..listen to tapes of the Hereafter by Shaikh Anwar Awlaki...discussed some issues..I was mostly listening.
  • Plan to go to next one too next Wed but Monday there's a tafsir group at AinDar sister Fawzia house.

Thursday 1/11/2007

  • Dentist appt again at Rabwah with Dr. Sandra...
  • Tajweed lesson starts again at abt 2:45pm..everyone was there except for the Khaliq's.

Friday 1/12/2007

  • Went for a picnic at Al-Khobar Corniche...actually Khaloud's group went and I just tagged along...there's BBQ by zahrah&Gee which was very delicious..may do them again myself but all the lambs...yummy but fattening as it is...
  • Hannah's DVD player broke so..the screen has no support although it still was just about a week tears for it although SR499 was spend getting time she got to learn how to handle things especially delicate and expensive things around friends.. i was glad that I was pretty cool about it all..although disappointed that something so new and something she has been wanting to get for so long is now partially usable only..

So now it is Saturday again....we had Nasi Lemak for lunch...everything turns out good if I might say so...but I need to remember how to do the liquid measure to cook the rice just for the turns out sweet & spicy just the way I like it...Ha..ha..masuk elevator tekan butang sendiri..!!

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