Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Rainy Tuesday 16/1/2007

Woke up this morning and saw that my back yard cemented area was wet..hmm...first thing that come to mind was..what a good gardener I have..early morning have done his job. Then , when I went out to send Zayd&Hannah to school find out it was raining..MasyaƔllah..rain in Saudi is gold...should cherish it..but...brrr..it is cold this morning!!

Today..I have 2 lunch invitations..still wondering which to go and which to pass...anyway...a bread pudding is already baking in the oven..looks and smell good..but still not sure of the taste. Wonder if it is okey without any sauce to drip over it? Mainly because I have used up all the milk and too lazy to drive to the mini-market to get some....still there's some time..

Yesterday..I dragged myself to go to a new Quran class for just ladies...well..there's about 7 ladies. My friend Yildiz..I consider her a friend now for the favor of introducing me to these classes and for pushing me to come..and come..for ages. Actually we met bcos our kids are sometimes in the same class...Surprisingly..I like the class and I believe I will be a regular..considering current tajweed teacher is planning to leave in May and I am still way of base..this is a good change..we read the end of surah Ibrahim..would like to share some of what Ferial the teacher tells us..as I know some mak-cik2 dan anakanda2 akan baca my blog nie...TQ very much..i will try to organize it better and share more like what I intended to do earlier.. but if there's something here that I wrote down offended anybody..do forgive me as I have not meant to do that..mainly to relay an incident and share the outcome..

Surah Ibrahim Ayat-41..This is a good doa for dunia & akhirat..

Also..in the Hereafter..at Masyar while waiting for the Mizan on our good and bad deeds to be weigh there are 7 people who will be shaded. At this place..all will be woken up dazed and naked..their eyes will only focus on the thing they will have to undergo..as quick as possible to get the judgement fast so as to be in Heaven..here the sun will be hot and very near to your head..some say it "sejengkal"not sure the English word...and our sweat will come up to our ankles or our thighs and may even drown us..that's how hot it is going to get...Anyway..there will be 7 group of people who will get shaded for what they have done in this world...

  1. Imam or Leader...a person who is a just person or fair to his people.
  2. A man or woman who refuses another with high ranking like Zulaikha tempted Nabi Yusof and he resist.
  3. Attach to masjid..someone who has just finish his solat but yet waiting for the next one to come.
  4. A boy or a girl who are raised in an Islamic way fully eg. like Osama bin Zayd.
  5. Between 2 friends who develop a friendship for the sake of Allah swt. so they will never argue..fight for worldly things.
  6. A man who give sadaqah without being known..like the right hand giving and the left hand don't even know about it.
  7. The one who shed tears or cries for Allah swt...when you think of Allah swt, in prayers, reading Quran etc..you will cry for Allah swt..

At Mizan....your good deeds for solat,fasting,zakah,hajj etc..will make the balance heavy against your bad deeds, but the other thing that can make the balance to be much heavier towards your good deeds will be your relationship with people...relating with others with a smiling face where people will find a liking from your face and talking with easy soft words...not "soft as to hard"but rather good tone and meaning words...."Husnul Khuluq Syaiun Haien Wajhuhun Tholiq Wa Kala Mun Laien".. I hope this translation is correct as I jot it down from hearing. Also..memorizing Surah Al-Baqarah will also helps you on this...

Therefore..most importantly how to take care of our relationship with people..not to raise our voice or hurt their feeling..make them feel offended..curse the drivers on the road..back biting.. arrogance will be another enemy for our quest to reach Jannah...

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Shelina said...

KZ, semalam stayed up and went tru ur blog. BUat comment pjg2 pas tu error.Tension betul... Anyway, thanks for sharing info with us. Love, ellie