Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Count Your Blessings...

Sometimes we tend to overlook small minute things that happen in our life..and for all we know sometimes these things have more meanings to it than we a baby small staggering steps will lead to running and leaping as the steps are mastered... Being homemakers we will get caught up with the daily task of running the household if we used to be career ladies before..but bear in mind that these will be my thoughts and opinion may not be right but it is something that I know...

What are these small minute things that we may let them pass if we do not try to catch it??
  • The morning goodbyes and with hugs and kisses before the kids left for school. With bonuses of I love you Ma...& says..I have recite Fatehah & Qursi..
  • The breakfasts that you dont have to prepare hot and the kids will just look at the empty table and proceed to the refrigerator and take out the milk and eat it with cereal..
  • The high pitch scream of excitement as they get home for lunch and say..Yes!..Yes!...that they smell their favorite food..when it is just Eggs with Sweet&Sour Sauce..
  • Your other half going to work with just a shout of goodbye from you and not really walking him to the door bcos you are busy brushing your teeth..
  • Coming out of the bathroom and see that the bed is all made up b4 the love of your life leave for work..
  • He try to indulge you but at the same time do press your you think you can still fit in that dress??
  • After eating..everyone brings their plates and glasses to the sink..
  • They try their best to take care of their rooms...
  • They try to recite the Quran ahead of class...
  • Leave them at home and I call them asking if they have perform solat..and they will do it and tell on each other if they dont..he..he..
  • Zayd falling more than half asleep everytime I have to make him repeat his reading of Social Studies and Science esp for tests..when he was fully awake at the computer..coming home saying ma..I it C or B it's just an overnite work..sometimes he gets an F so he will try better next time..
  • Hannah is meticulous in her work..Busy baby...she wants to do 1001 things in a day and still will complete her homework b4 bedtime...
  • Ayman is now very independent in his schoolwork regardless of the grades although I told him that I would love more A's sometimes..sure miss him helping out with washing the dishes...although some broke at least give me a chance to buy something new..
  • Adzrul is now in his 5th. year and insyaĆ”llah will complete his final year in 2008.. he was and infact all my babies do not give much trouble at a younger age.. like waking up too much at nite..getting sick except for zayd due to his heart condition..May Allah swt bless your life for the things you bring to you anakanda..
  • May not have a whole lot of money like I want to but at more heavy debts.. scaring off the credit cards issuer by paying and closing the account and they wanting to offer more credits and loans just over the phone..bought a new home to be ready this year..
  • Send parents to hajj...we went to and us went for umrah a couple of times..
  • Kids are actually the blessings for our life...
  • 1001 other things actually...

And so..why should I get mad about when ..

  • Their rooms are in a mess..and they are always in their room..
  • The house is in a mess with books, jackets, cushions out of place, trumpets&thrombones..
  • Socks & shoes are everywhere in the hallway..
  • They are noisy...they fight sometimes..only sometimes..
  • They ignore me when I nag or push them to start doing something when I say it's time to do it and not when they feel they should do it..
  • They usually dont take a shower in the evening unless they have been out playing...
  • They play too much game on the computer..and not stopping unless I tell them too..
  • The older kids did not get in touch as often as you want them to be to know how they are.. Ayman's excuse..Everything is Okey...Adzrul has a blog so catch up there or chat via YM..
  • When my other half is snoring on the sofa after a tiring day at work..he said..brain drain is more tiring than physical drain..uhuh...

You see..sometimes the things we want to be mad at is really nothing as compared to those we should be thankful to..

Just coming out of feeling blue...

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Shelina said...

totally agree with u, kz on all esp the last point tu.. cam lah kita ni tak penant kan.. hehe!