Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day after 46th. B-Day...Part. 2

The family together for Iftaar since 2002 at Tony Roma's.

Since today is Thursday...and we have the Quran's my excuse not to cook for Iftaar.. he..he..again..banyak excuse kadang tu... Anyway..since Ayman pun balik from Bahrain to meet up with abg. Adzrul.. We decided to buka puasa at home with drinks and dates first and solat Maghrib and than go out to eat... We were planning to go either Applebees or TGIF..but Zahrah said that there's a new place in town of similar type..Tony Roma's at the corniche in Al-Khobar. So there we head after solat.. Although upon entering it's not that extremely inticing and certain foods on the menu was not available...we thought that TGIF would have been better.. Anyway...we did order some appetizers..Buffalo Wings and Shrimp K#$^%$.. it taste good..than the main menu arrive..whoa..size orang putih..pengsan nak ngabieh kan.. But the taste is good..we had become disappointed with Applebees actually bcos on the last 2 dinners we had there..first the food was over grilled and the next time the taste wasn't there...Mahal jelah dapat...and MK pulak dah ada..most of our dinner out was at MK's... But than like to try out new places..mak ikut je..anything if tak yah masak...


elisataufik said...

banyak kali dah dengar pasal Tony Roma's ni.. tapi belum pegi lagi.. is it at the 'Seef' place?
Boleh lah try nanti ;)

rozie yusof-azlan said...

Tony Roma's at the Khobar Corniche near Kudu's & Fouad Center...Somewhere in between these two landmark..