Monday, December 29, 2008


Most important is what you state at the end of your life...since we don't know when we will die we have to strive to live keeping our faith and away from sins....O'Allah make us die in the faith of Iman and make us to the ranks of the pious..

There are many stories with respect to this as guidance like the man who has killed 99 men and keep asking if he shall be forgiven until he died as to his killing of the men...he was on his way to get/find forgiveness when he died.......**this story can be found in Surah Al-Maidah..

An abid who was a pious person and due to the whispeing of syaitan he finally died as a disbeliever.... The abid was asked to take care of a lady by her brothers..although he followed strictly and keep his distance but by the wispering of syaitan he slowly began to get contact and rape the lady and killed her when she got pregnant and hide the truth from her brothers..he was finally caught and known what was done and was going to be killed when he ransomed his faith so that he will be saved from the punishment and set free..and he denounce his faith when syaitan said that the abid will be saved but that is what he must do first to get syaitan's help....the story can be found in Shaik Anwar Awlaki " The Hereafter "...

As I was trying to recall the many stories, to help me in my own wanderings...Yet again the news of the current attack by the Israelis on Gaza and killed many Muslims. What can we do....??

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