Saturday, April 26, 2008

Solat Qasar

Thought that I would write this down as a reminder to often we get it wrong for not really understanding as to the different school of thoughts. Wew can get similar clarification from Arab News, Islam-On_line and this explaination by Sheikh Mohammad Salah from Huda TV...

Qasar ~Shortening of one's prayers.

When : You make intention to travel.

Opinion #1. - Travelling any distance even less than 80km.

Opinion #2. - As long as you are travelling with no limits to the number of days ~Qasar & Jama

Opinion #3 - * More commonly accepted.
  • If you travel and decided that it will be more than 4 days, than you can opt to do prayers regularly after the 4 days.
  • Your travel is up to 4 days - than you may shorten and combined the prayers during this time~ Qasar & Jama'
  • If you are not certain/ sure of your travel days than you can shorten your prayers as long as you are in this state.

In addition - If you are travelling and it is Friday than you do your Friday prayers while a traveller, you can after Jumaah pray your Asar ~as shortened and combined.

Note : Qasar only the 4 rakaah prayer to 2 rakaahs and Jama' for Zohor & Asar vice versa and Mahrib & Isya vice versa.

WaƔllahualam ~as quoted from the session of Ask@Huda this morning. We can decide to do which will be a benefit to us. We cannot miss our 5 daily prayers and sometimes we are in a situation so we can do our prayers without any haste or missed. It helps as many of us will be travelling especially summer. Another state to understand will be the Jama' prayers that you can do in a state of need and not done as a habit or regularity and solat "hormat"waktu..what are they and its meaning.

'Kindly advise to that I may err..the good from Allah swt and the mistakes purely my ignorance.

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Neeza Shahril said...

thanks kak Rozie.. ingatkan dengar2 aje yang number 1 and 2 tu.. Rupanya memang betul ada orang berpendapat cam tu.. diorang ikut fatwa mana ye?