Tuesday, September 08, 2009

In Malaysia for Eid 1430

Looks like Zayd & I will be flying back to Msia for a week to spend Eid with Adzrul & Ayman. Adzrul already got the 1st day of Eid off while Ayman will have the whole week off... so, the 4 of us at least will get to spend the nite before Eid and 1st. day together. It will be a short trip as I will return to Dhahran again on 24/9/09. We will fly Emirates this time from Bahrain as it cost the least to purchase ticket this late. Azlan and Hannah stay back due to commitments to work and auditions. It may not be a good split decision but its what can be done to suit everyone... I wish all 6 of us will be together but than again Azlan just got back from repat and less than 3 weeks to ask for more leaves... rasa macam segan gitu nak mintak cuti lagi... Maybe ada hikmah nya.. So..the ketupat&rendang at home in Dhahran will have to wait till Friday... Raya sebulan he..he..

Looks like I'll be hoarding more kuih raya and maybe lemang's...back to Dhahran..

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elisataufik said...

Buy lots of kuihs!! Especially the kuih samprit dahlias tu.. I like!!