Sunday, February 08, 2009

RT Fun Futsal Day

These photos were actually the after event tea at Harun & Su's house at Mallard Street in Ras Tanura..though tired but everyone was game enough for doses of nasi tomato, mee goreng and loads of desserts. I have dificulty loading the pics from the field..but it can also be seen at Facebook. So..its okey..
It was just to find reasons to spend the day with friends far and near..young and relax and enjoy the day till sunset..after Isya..we left for Dhahran but stops at Dr.Razali's first in KFUPM since it will be the last day for Aysha before returning to Kursk...

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Neeza Shahril said...

baru tahu what RT stands for.. ingatkan Rukun Tetangga hahahaha!!! sabar ajelah makcik ni kan kak.. ;)