Sunday, February 08, 2009

Dhahran School Student Led Conference

Yearly in February...there will be a student led conference in school. Each student will present to their parents and oasis teacher where they are in their time line for the year. They will go thru each core subject..LA,Math,Social Studies & Science and talk about them either in detail or touch-n-go..I know Zayd was very nervous but he got calm about halfway presenting...but I am very proud of them both and Ayman and Adzrul too...because any effort is never wasted..that's what I always told them...but do not easily take things..than again things can be easy... While with Zayd..his teacher Ms. Matza says that he always talk about how he like his mom's cooking.... woo..hoo...Mmg kuat akal bila suruh study selalu mintak makan dulu...masa dalam elementary school lagi lah pulak..kene ada snack breaks bila study...amboi..I kata..banyak break-makan dari study akhir nya...

Hannah presented using cool young lady...and she says that she dont like everything...this difficult and that dont make sense etc..etc..pendek kata pada sume ada je yang tak suka....but she really do well in most subjects as compared to last semester.

Mr. Snakenberg..their PE teacher took the photo for us before we went in for the conference.

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