Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Days in Malaysia

It has now been 17days since we return to Malaysia. Almost everyday was hectic with one thing or another. It did not help when I have to haul the 3 kids along...always..first thing will be to feed everyone than only the other stuffs can be done. The looking around trying to get an idea of prices for the things we need for the Sg.Serai house was the main did not help that I got lost by going into a wrong exit/turns... Then it came to..What do I actually need..that will be sufficient...while the rest can wait to the time when we shall stay there more..not sure permanently but maybe longer. I have settled the AC's & fans which are now being installed. The hacking did not help with the cleanliness of the house too..

Next come the curtains...I decided only full type for the living room and just sheers for the rest since my next door neighbors haven't move in yet..and the front face the road. Only got to watch out for the back windows as the back neighbor house is on higher ground thus they will be looking into the kids room. This will be rectified maybe with some blinds.

The beds were decided instead of just mattresses coz' everybody will need a good sleep and the keepings when we leave will be much easier...Still not sure how but maybe some old bedcovers or throws.. The beds are much cheaper compared to the mattresses..or is it just the type we chose..Thought if I purchase some from IKEA will be did not know where I got that idea. So our price survey trip to IKEA did not amount to anything...except possibly get a round dining table as a temp until we can find when we really need a real dining table probably an 8 or 10 seater...ambik kau...

We got a sofa set for the upstairs family room coz' it comes together with a bed package from Cellini's. So..I decided not to get a sofa set yet for the living room..duduk atas tikar je lah dulu... or maybe some loose pieces seats....

The main thing will be my kitchen...after much contemplation..I decided just to install the wet-kitchen..I thought Ash wood will be lovely..but the kids and my boss thinks dark-wood will be nicer...frm some photos it do look nice...since the flooring is cream 15inch tiles and light moss green on the wall..the Oak-Espresso colored cabinets may be nice. I do not want to go into the choosing of the cabinet materials....I end up getting an Oak wood type instead of laminates.. MDF.. pressed mat..pine..Ash....Insya'allah I hope its a good choice...I still need to get the fridge..hob & hood to be installed..The $$$ seems to be flowing like mud-slide or avalanche.. sorry dearie..

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elisataufik said...

Sounds like a very productive 17 days!
When we moved to Kelana Jaya dulu, we didnt have a sofa set till after about 6 months or so jugak. Memang duduk atas tikar aje :P