Friday, June 19, 2009

Ayman's High School Graduation from Bahrain School.

Monday June 15th was the high school graduation nite for Ayman. It was held in the gulf Hotel Convention Centre..we were there as early as 4:30pm after leaving from Dhahran at about 2:30pm..Luckily KIA's air-cond was running fine thus a smooth cooling journey in the heat of the day outside. Security was high as one of the Crown Prince son is also graduating..This graduation marks the end of attending grade 12 and Ayman has sat for IB as college entrance exam. We will only know the IB results end of 1st week in July '09. This then will chart the route he's to follow for the next 4 years...Just hope that its gonna be the best that it can be for him. Allah swt decision will be made no matter how much we have deal and plans..
He left BISA dorm with goodbyes from some of his mate at about 10:30pm that nite. How time seems but just a moment ago we send him there. This was a tough year in a way...if not for anybody was for me in facing all the issues with him at school..I wonder if he just want to make a colorful exit..or it happens just because it meant to be as some bumps in our life that we have to get over... Whatever it is my doa's with him always..moga jadi anak yang soleh and berjaya didunia dan akhirat...


elisataufik said...

Congratulations Ayman!
What are his plans lepas ni?

FA said...

salam kak..dah besar anak2 akak yerr.. congratulations!!