Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hannah's News..Zurich here I come..

The day before on Nov.10th...Dhahran School had it's first concert for the year...During the concert it was announce the names of those who qualified for the Honor Band & Choir reps for the school. Hannah has been vying for a spot and way early in Sept'08 she has begun her practices of the music pieces until audition in end-October..she demanded to get extra help by getting tutoring from her music teacher after school..kene for half an hour. I tanya juga apa yg teacher tu ajar in the half hour..she said..listen to while she's playing and if a note is not hit than she will have to do it over again..I guess's hitting the notes and play the pieces fluently..if I can call it that...She was determined to go to Zurich, Switzerland.. partly nak tengok if ada snow..he..he..and I told her it's a beautiful country...So almost daily she the expense of some other grades dropping a notch..but hey..her effort pays off "She made it to Zurich, Switzerland...." She shall go in Feb '09...with 8 others from school...

But the surprise came later too...Zayd was asked to sit for audition again and next week to play his piece..while Hannah chose the French Horn..Zayd is playing the thrombone...Me..I dont know any bits of it..whether the sound is ok or not..only..that I bear all the noise coming out and I hope my neighbors do far no complaints... back to Zayd...his band teacher talk to Hannah whether Zayd even try out the music pieces and decided to quit and not do audition. Hannah says yes... The teacher knows Zayd temperament... quit first don't try if it gets too hard... we always tell him..try first than quit...he..he... BUT if the teacher asked him directly he will have no choice not to do it...Well..his teacher knows this..and yesterday cornered him to practise and sit for audition.. as there's a place for 1 more thrombone player and he asked Zayd to try it out.. I believe this is a nice gesture bcos ramai lagi yang boleh main jugak... but I did get a comment from him few years back when we talk about Zayd...he is lazy no doubt to practise his pieces.. but he gets them easily when he put in the time to practise..Huh..??!! And according to the teacher..he seems to play with his heart not just doing the notes..Huh..??!!! But whatever it is.. we had to forked out nearly RM6k to buy him the thrombone in KL in 2007 and haul it back to Dhahran.. and all the time we bought the wrong type...not for the bass type with an extra turning but the normal type with straight turns..Urghh...I text his teacher asking..habis camno?? Dia problem Mrs. Azlan.. it's okey lah jadinya... adalah BACH tu tersadai je if Zayd does not play it. Hannah changed from trumpet to French Horn so tak perlu beli since sooo sikit....

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RozIlah Kamarudin ImOlie said...

Salam Kak Rozie

Hannah's going
Zayd going too?
i didnt get it..
so.. u are going too?

Bestnye... my children been hoping for playing in the snow