Sunday, October 19, 2008

#22 Jln.Sg. Serai, Subang Alam

Basically we did external works by putting extra roofing on the terrace and porch-front. The left photo shows the before and the right shows the after half-way thru the renovation...On the terrace we put the side roofing..initially the idea was for a pergola but it evolves into the now roofing with Malay style and wooden panels as ceiling... On the front porch..originally the double-door opens to the garden...but now it opens to a resak floor decking with fencing...the other renovation was for the wet-kitchen and closing of the space meant for parking and shift the front door..I hope to get more photos's now in the final stages of painting and cleaning... We went thru many ideas of how it should be..choosing the contractor and the budget available was the main concerns but I believe we are now in a win-win situation. The budget is increased by about 20% due to the sudden surge in material costs and also due to exchange rates..we lost some $$ when we transfer $ to the bank from saudi in USD...but it's no choice of ours and we can't do much. But En. Zul the contractor was/is very obliging thru'out the stages and Sani monitors and feedback wonderfully..eventhough we are not there but thru' his constant emailing we manage to "see"how things developed...Syukur..
The reason to putting the roofing mainly bcos the wind blows rain and dust etc..into the house. The double doors and windows got damaged to and has been replaced by the developer. Eventhough we are not staying there heart strings are now being pulled for wanting to live there.

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