Sunday, December 16, 2007

London & Paris

Feels like everything will not get ready on time...the packing..finding thermal wear for the house...etc..etc... The plus of is that kids and Azlan is on leave 18/12..the day we will go to Bahrain and board the BA flight to London..we planned to leave for Bahrain after Asar and have dinner at Ponderosa and go to the airport..but..we are not sure how the causeway is going to be like since its the eve of Eid Ádha..

Anyway...I have lost the pack of trip planners that indicates things we want to do..well..since everyone help to clear the house on Thurs&Friday before the Tea-4-Guests on might have been chucked away somewhere..Gosh..I hope I find it especially the table indicating do what and when things...

Among all the things I wanted to do..I hope we have enough time and the weather will be fine and may all of us be in the best of health..insyaállah..

Wet London and Gay Paree here we come...

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