Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy 24th Birthday..Adzrul Ariff Azlan !!

Time flies so fast....couldn't believe it that 24 years has just gone were born just pass midnite on 11/4/ St. Joseph Memorial Hospital in Murphysboro, Illinois. Attended by Dr. Janet Robinson. Papa was not able to see your he was on his way returning to Rolla from Carbondale that earlier on Sunday just at the end of his spring break. We were young then just turn 20 years of age but you are the one we have been waiting for that starts our life as a family.

Now..all the years thru' tears and sweats and happiness..we are where we are now. Our doa for you are just May Allah swt. always guide you, May success dunia akhirat be yours and our love forever wherever we may be. Not forgetting..may you become a great doctor and dapat jodoh dan zuriat yang diredhai Allah swt.

Happy Birthday..Anakanda...



sHa shinizzle said...

hepi belated birthday


terer yer maser kat matriks dulu :D
mintak transcript utk aper?

sHa shinizzle said...

I mean incik Adzrul, apsal mintak transcript. my colleague handle pasal trans, raser macam penah dengar that name/read blog... google trus dpt this blog. heh. you are his sister yer?

hows study at oversea? :)